Leaders Cosmetics was established in 2004 based on clinical cases of numerous customers of Leaders Clinic and Leaders Aesthetics.


It is the No. 1 brand of beauty culture

that realizes the values of dermatology via continuous communication with their customers.



Founded by top dermatologists from Seoul National University, Leaders offers at-home treatments for people with various skin concerns. Leaders dermatology specialists develop safe and potent formulas in an effort to bring out the best in our customers and restoring their skin to its most beautiful potential.


True Cosmeceutical Brand. Dermatologist Tested

All Leaders skin care products, developed based on

scientific dermatological research, reach the market after going

through strict clinical and dermatological tests.


Effective Ingredients + Maximum Safety

All Leaders products are made with nature-friendly ingredients under

a strict quality control during the whole development, manufacturing and

delivery process in order to ensure the highest safety and efficacy.


Repair & Prevent

Our products, made from the state of the art ingredients such as

peptides and AAPE, are designed to make the flawless skin

you have dreamt of and prevent the fundamental cause of skin problems.


Global Cosmeceutical Brand

With branch offices in 3 different continents and factories in both Asia and Europe,

Leaders provides the possibility to reach Eastern and Western markets

and offers limitless options for our buyers, emerging as

the world’s leading cosmeceutical brand.


A leader in the global beauty culture.


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